Electrical Calculations

Journeyman Practice Exam Video

The video above is a practice exam for those who are looking to pass their journeyman’s exam. Our Electricians are highly trained to service any problem that you have in your home. Electricians use the NEC code for a on-the-job reference guide. Every electrical journeyman goes through schooling and hands-on training before taking the exam.

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These categories are great for those interested in learning about electricity.

National Electric Code (NEC)

The NEC is published by the National Fire Protection Association or the NFPA. The NEC code is one of the most important tools for the electrician. When used together with electrical code for your local city, the NEC provides the minimum requirements for the installation of electrical systems. Always use the latest edition of the NEC as your reference. It specifies the minimum provisions necessary for protecting people and property from electrical hazards. Since the NEC only specifies minimum requirements, your city or job requirements may be more stringent.

The Primary purpose of the NEC is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity [NEC Section 90.1(A)]. A thorough knowledge of the NEC is one of the first requirements for becoming a trained electrician. The NEC is probably the most widely used and accepted code in the world. It has been translated into several languages. It is used as an electrical installation, safety, and reference guide in the United States. Compliance with NEC standards increases the safety of electrical installations.

Although the NEC itself states “This Code is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons,” it does provide a sound basis for the study of electrical installation procedures-under proper guidance.

Master Electrician Practice Exam Video

Below is a video on the Master Electrician exam. Some states require electricians to pass a Journeyman Electrician exam and a Master Electrician exam before they are allowed to be an Electrical Contractor. In order to qualify for the Master Electrician Exam the electrician must show proof of 12,000 hours of experience.