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Do you need electrical, air conditioning and water heater services? Electrician Services Corp stays true to our dedication in delivering top-notch results with Flat-Rate Pricing. Commercial and after business hour service calls are $159, we offer a $39 residential service call special. A licensed and insured service company based in Orange County California that specializes in everything electrical, from lighting, to electrical panel upgrades, water heaters and air conditioning. Our team is composed of certified technicians.

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A customer in Los Alamitos Ca called us and wanted to see if there was away to fix strip lights that no longer worked, we did some investagating and found that their fixtures were older T-12 light fixtures, the fixtures themselves were in good shape so we recommended that they retrofit the fixtures to T-8 light fixtures. They agreed and we started the project right away. After replacing the ballasts and the tombstones on the fixtures the strip lights worked like a charm. If you would like similar work done on your light fixtures call us anytime we also offer a wide variety of electrical services browse our website to see what we offer. Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians are trained, licensed and background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We are the Electrician Los Alamitos Ca and provide electrical service you can trust.

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You can break down a fluorescent light fixture into a couple of parts to see how they actually operate. First you have your light fixture casing and within the casing there is a ballast wired to “tombstones”. Tombstones are the lighting socket, this is were the fluorescent bulb is installed. Fluorescent lighting is a cheaper route when it comes to incandescent lighting. When it comes to lots of used energy the major one is lighting. In homes and businesses lighting is needed and sometimes left on in areas that don’t need it. The longer the light stays on the more energy is used and this can cause light bulbs to burn out faster than normal. Fluorescent light bulbs have a longer life span than incandescent light bulbs, Fluorescent Light bulbs also don’t use as much energy than normal bulbs. The more lighting technology grows the more energy efficient our lighting is getting. Nowadays Occupancy sensors are being installed so that when someone walks out of a room or an area, the lighting turns off after a certain amount of time. These can be very helpful when trying to save energy. Also in a large parking structure fluorescent lights are typically used with occupancy sensors. These sensors are helpful when an area is not occupied at the time, the light will turn off until someone passes by or enters that area. Older fluorescent light fixtures are a T-12 style fixture, this type of fixture uses a magnetic ballast to operate. The newer type of lighting technology uses a magnetic ballast, these type of fixtures are T-8 and T-5. These fixtures are more energy efficient the the T-12. Now they make LED strip lights, these lights are the best when it comes to not using a lot of energy.

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