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Do you need electrical, air conditioning and water heater services? Electrician Services Corp stays true to our dedication in delivering top-notch results with Flat-Rate Pricing. Commercial and after business hour service calls are $159, we offer a $39 residential service call special. A licensed and insured service company based in Orange County California that specializes in everything electrical, from lighting, to electrical panel upgrades, water heaters and air conditioning. Our team is composed of certified technicians.

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A customer in Santa Fe Springs Ca called in and had an issue with their land scape lighting. We arrived and investigated the lights everything was still in good shape, the lighting system was in really good shape, diagnosing the lights further we found that no voltage was present on the light fixtures. So we diagnosed the transformer and found that it was not even on, It is not uncommon to find the transformer burnt out or no longer working, as we investigated a little further we found the GFCI that the transformer was plugged into wasn’t even on. We reset the GFCI and the lights turned on immediately. we investigated further to make sure that nothing was wrong with the circuit and found that everything was fine. This customer was so happy cause we only charged him the service call. Do you have a similar problem? We offer a wide variety of electrical services browse the website to see what we offer. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians are trained, licensed and background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We are the Electrician Santa Fe Springs Ca and provide electrical service you can trust.

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Landscape lighting gives benefits to the exterior aesthetics of your home. These type of lights can be installed through out your yard, in the flowerbed, along pathways and side walks. This type of lighting is a great way to light up the yard at night and can also act as a deterrent to intruders who are unwelcome. This of course can increase the safety and security for the home and the family. Landscape lighting that is placed along pathways and sidewalks help illuminate so that you and your guests are not tripping and falling over in the dark. Landscape lighting comes in different types , shapes and sizes and have different functions. Newer lights now are made as LED fixtures which becomes really hard to overload a circuit. Landscape lighting is powered by 120 volt and then transformed to a lower voltage and all these lights reconnected in series. to calculate what is needed is not hard. First figure out show many lights are needed and calculate the wattage. After calculating the wattage you will know what size transformer is needed. As has been stated before LED fixtures help add more lights without overloading the transformer. These tip of lights can be placed in front of trees and bushes and can also be placed along the perimeter of the home. This will give a great appearance at night. Contact your local licensed electrician to evaluate exactly what is needed for your home.

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