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Electrician Services Corp is your trusted Orange County Air Conditioning Technician. This company services OC and specializes in home air conditioning service and repair. Are you thinking about updating to a brand-new efficient heating and air conditioning system for your home? Contact us and set an appointment for a flat rate price. If your looking for a new orange county air conditioning system you have come to the right place our technician can come out before the weather gets hot and do a evaluation on what is needed for your home. Its always best to get your air conditioning system checked before a minor problem turns into a huge repair. Commercial and after business hour service calls are $159. We also offer a $39 residential service call special. We maintenance all brands of AC systems and offer 24/7 Emergency Service.

Air Conditioning Install & Repair

Homeowners need to check the existing electrical panel, to insure that it can handle the electrical load requirement when installing a new Air Conditioning system. Homeowners want the the comfort of the air conditioning system and forget about how much electricity a new A/C system uses. Air Conditioning Systems are one of the biggest energy consuming appliances on the market. When hiring a contractor to install air conditioning they can mistakenly not advise you on how important the main electrical panel is and how it needs to properly be sized to handle the load requirements for the whole home. At Electrician Services we install everything electrical! We will make sure that your electrical panel can handle the load requirement, our technicians will do a load calculation for your home to let you know if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded first before installing a new Air Conditioning in Orange County. Don’t be the one who installs the new A/C system first this can cost you more in the long run. Call the experts to evaluate your existing electrical system.

Service Company In OC California

No matter what type of electrical, air conditioning or water heater services you might need, all you need to do is call us and we will be more than happy to help. We are fully committed to the quality of service that we always deliver to guarantee utmost satisfaction of our clients. We offer a whole range of services that can help further improve your home in more ways than one. Call us at the ASAP if you notice some changes with your air conditioning, water heater and electrical systems so that you can personally talk with one of our expert staff regarding the suitable services that you might need. With our company, you can be sure that you get the quality of services that you truly deserve and will give you the results that you have long been searching for. Call us today! 714-987-2368

Other Air Conditioning Helpful Tips

With the price of copper increasing, thieves come and steal whatever copper is available. This can lead to copper thieves destroying a home or even a business. Orange County Air ConditioningThere is copper wiring and water pipes installed through out your home. Thieves will also steal copper coils in within your air conditioning system, protecting your home with an alarm system can keep thieves from breaking into your home but that won’t stop them from damaging your central air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system is a expensive appliance, spending your hard earned money to bring comfort within your home and then having that taken away is a complete disaster. Luckily there is a solution on the market, Purchase an alarm for your central air conditioning system and keep thieves from taking your comfort away. Call today for more info on this alarm system.

Electrical Control Circuits

An electrical circuit must use components that control the flow of electricity.  Typical electrical components include a voltage supply, power supply, disconnects, overcurrent protection, relays, contactors, capacitors, circuit breakers, motor starters, thermostats, pressure switches, limit switches and timers. These components will control the flow of electricity in oder to operate a load which include blower motors, condenser fan motors and compressors. All these components utilize and control the flow of electricity in order for the HVAC equipment to operate correctly, safely and efficiently. When a electrical component burns out or can no longer function correctly the HVAC equipment will no longer operate and in many cases cause other electrical components to burn out as well. A typical example includes a capacitor no longer functioning correctly could burn out a motor or compressor. These type of fixes are not cheap so proper maintenance is important to assure that the HVAC equipment will operate properly.

Orange County Air Conditioning Install

✓ Best Technicians
✓ Flat Rate Price
✓ $39 Residential Service Call
✓ No After Hour Charges
✓ New Installs
✓ Repair All Brands
✓ Fast Diagnostics
✓ Freon Fill
✓ Leak Detection
✓ Fan Motors
✓ Blower Motors
✓ Circuit Boards
✓ Capacitors

Best Technicians in Orange County

Every homeowner needs to be aware of the importance of residential air conditioning system to be maintenanced by a expert air conditioning technician. Hiring the right technician can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home with much more energy efficiency. This can save you money in the long run. Motors, compressors, pumps and other electrical components make up the majority of the elements within an air conditioning systems. Central forced air conditioning systems utilize a furnace that pushes air throughout your home by way of a series of ducts within the walls and ceilings. Having the proper temperature and humidity levels also makes living within your home a more comfortable one.

Our repair technicians can maintain, diagnose and repair any problems that arise within these systems. Our technicians will adjust the controls and test the performance levels throughout the whole system. We will use specialized tools and equipment especially designed for these systems. Maintenance of these systems is an essential part of having them stay energy efficient. When properly maintaining your air conditioner the longer it will last and avoid future problems.

All our expert technicians are trained, certified, and background checked. Looking for Orange County Air Conditioning Service?  CALL NOW 714-987-2368