LED Lighting

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Convert your Orange County Home or Office to LED lighting

Electrician Services can provide the excellent solution to your power draining lighting by transforming your existing lights to LEDs. LED lights are an energy-efficient and money-saving option to incandescent’s or CFL’s . LED lights are the better way to your lighting needs.

The Division of Energy approximates that switching to LED lighting by 2027 can conserve the country $250 billion in energy costs. LEDs are part of a household of lighting technologies called light-emitting diodes . This Innovation helped minimize the electricity consumption for lighting by virtually one half, and avoid 1,800 million metric lots of carbon emission.

Benefits of LEDs for your Orange County Home or Business

LED lights give off less heat than standard bulbs which give LED’s a huge merit over other lights, they also operate a lot longer than standard lights in your home. Less heat means less electricity used which concludes saving money. The Electrician in Orange County can help install LED lights.

High power white LED 35,000 – 50,000 hrs.
Incandescent bulb 750 –  2,000 hrs.
Compact fluorescent 10,000 – 8,000 hrs.
Linear fluorescent bulb 20,000 – 30,000 hrs.

Traditional lights which burn out when the filament breaks, LED lifetimes are ranked differently. A regular life-span is specified as the typical number of hours until light falls to 70 % of preliminary lumens.

Advantages from using LED’s include great efficiency in cold climates, extensive life-span, decrease of infrared or ultraviolet emissions and more dependable than your incandecsent light bulb. LED’s are a huge benefit over CFL’s since they contain no mercury, Which concludes no environmental or health risk while being used.

LED used in recessed can lights

LED lighting can help save energy and money

Options for LED lighting include:

  • under cabinet lights
  • can lights
  • landscape lights
  • closet lights
  • security lights
  • pool lights
  • accent and decorative lights

Electrician Services can also install outdoor LED lighting to complement features and landscaping during the night. Call Now 714-987-2368