Receptacles and GFCI’s

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Are you experiencing a loss of power to one or more electrical outlets?  Do you need to move an electrical outlet?  Do you need to add or replace an electrical outlet. We are your trained Electricians in Orange County CA and we can help. Most commonly used electrical outlets are stocked on our service vehicles right now.

Receptacle: A contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of an attachment plug and flexible cord.

GFCI receptacles can be installed to improve your electrical system. For example if your house has existing wiring in your home like knob and tube style. Call your local Orange County Electrician to assist with your electrical wiring issues. GFCI are at least recommended to be installed through out your house which include anywhere dealing with a wet location. Power flows through a receptacle with a “Hot and Neutral” wire when a load (hairdryer, radio, etc.) is plugged into the circuit, this is a balanced load of electricity. When a short or ground fault occurs in your electrical system (unbalanced load), GFCI’s take a unbalanced load of electricity and open the circuit so that whoever is in the least path of resistance does not receive a dangerous shock that could lead to death. GFCI’s have been proven to save lives.


Make sure that you are protected

GFCI Receptacles Give Protection

GFCI outlets need to be installed as receptacles in all wet areas consisting of garages, basements, restrooms, kitchen counter circuits, laundry rooms, and for swimming pool and spa lighting and devices. Electrician Services offers free of cost GFCI Inspections with every service call. Your technicians will test your GFI’s with a dial-in milli-volt tester to determine their exact shut-off element and efficiency.

A GFCI compares the current flowing to the load with the current coming from the load. The current, or amperage, should be equal. If there is a difference, the electrons must be flowing somewhere other than the load(such as through the ground), and the GFCI will open the circuit. This current can be as low as .006 amp and does not need a grounding wire to work.

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