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Do you need electrical, air conditioning and water heater services? Electrician Services Corp stays true to our dedication in delivering top-notch results with Flat-Rate Pricing. Commercial and after business hour service calls are $159, we offer a $39 residential service call special. A licensed and insured service company based in Orange County California that specializes in everything electrical, from lighting, to electrical panel upgrades, water heaters and air conditioning. Our team is composed of certified technicians.

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We had a Customer contact us from Huntington Beach Ca, They wanted a Ceiling Fan installed in their bedroom. We went to work right away, there was no existing box in their ceiling along with no wiring to were they wanted the ceiling fan installed. After doing our measurements and crawling through their attic to make sure nothing was in the way, we installed our NEC approved ceiling fan box and installed the wiring along with the ceiling fan itself. Within just a couple of hours our customer had their ceiling fan up and running. Do you live in Huntington Beach Ca and do you want a ceiling fan installed give us a call we are open 7 days a week. Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians are trained, licensed and background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We are the Electrician Huntington Beach Ca and provide electrical service you can trust.

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Ceiling Fans come in different shapes and sizes, there are outdoor rated fans and indoor, you can install them flush mount or hang them from the ceiling with different heights. They also come with short blades and long, wide blades and thin blades. So whatever your taste is on ceiling fans they make them. Convenience and proper ventilation is in high demand during the hot summer months and installing a new ceiling fan will help conveniently cool you down. While ceiling fans help the circulation of air in the rooms were they were installed, they also can bring design or a distinct look. But when deciding on what type of fan to install there are some considerations to look into before choosing the right fan. If you have a big living area with a very high ceiling the obvious choice would be to get a big ceiling fan that would not be a flush mount. Hanging the ceiling fan low so that the air circulates properly with in the room would be the best choice. But this also could bring some complications, the lower the ceiling fan is from the ceiling the easier it can wobble or be out of balance. All ceiling fans come with a balancing kit for these very reasons. Now for a smaller room with a low ceiling, the best pick would obviously be a flush mounted ceiling fan, so that the blades would be closer to the ceiling. If you have a low ceiling, the closer the fan is to the ceiling, the less of a chance of you getting hit by the blades.