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A customer contacted us from Orange Ca, They were trying to install a new microwave in their kitchen and while trying to install the bracket for for their microwave they drilled through a stud and hit one of the branch circuit wires that was feeding half of the kitchen circuits. While diagnosing how to fix the issue without giving them a high bill. We found that we were able to install a couple of junction boxes and reroute the existing branch circuit wires out of the way of the microwave install. With rerouting the wiring and a little patching they were on their way to install their microwave. This can happen a lot especially when we can’t see through walls and something innocent can turn into something dangerous. If you have experienced a similar issue or need something installed don’t hesitate to call right away. We offer 24/7 service. Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians are trained, licensed and background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We are the Electrician Orange Ca and provide electrical service you can trust.

Install a dedicated circuit for a microwave

Dedicated Microwave Circuit


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Microwaves are required by NEC code to be on a dedicated circuit. To find this requirement it is under Single Family Dwelling Kitchen Circuitry NEC 210.52(b) and 210.8(a). according to the NEC code there needs to be 2 or more 20 amp circuits for all receptacles that are for small appliances. these appliances include any counter top appliance and need to be GFCI protected. Your Refrigerator and gas powered stove is also allowed to be on this circuit. There is no minimum restriction that is required on how many outlets are to be on these 2 circuits. Your Garbage disposal, dishwasher, exhaust fans, and microwaves need to be on there own circuits. Many people get caught up on wanting to design a new kitchen so that there house value increases. They end up hiring handymen or unqualified people to wire up their kitchen, that do not understand the code requirements that are needed for safety. They end up finishing the entire project with new cabinets and paint and with new appliances. This is when the licensed electrician receives the call about faulty circuitry in their kitchen. They have breakers tripping, GFCI wired incorrectly, lights flickering and the list goes on. The electrician ends up diagnosing the kitchen circuits only to find out that nothing was done according to code and needs to be redone so that the circuitry is done correctly and safely. This ends up costing the homeowner more because the wiring has to be removed and installed properly. Always seek a licensed electrician to valuate exactly what is needed so your kitchen project does not end up in a disaster.

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