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Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Orange County

Electrician Services Corp has qualified technicians to install your whole house fan. Quiet Whole house fans are a great energy saver by simply turning the whole house fan on cooler air from the outside is drawn through open windows which will definitely lower the temperature in your home by 10 to 20 degrees. This cool breeze that flows through your windows and will lower skin temperature by 5 to 10 degrees. This cool air is “pushed” or “forced” through the attic and the hot air moves out the attic through vents. This is a great way to cause air flow through your home and not consume a lot of energy. The Quiet Cool system will help drop the temperature in your home and also help the central air conditioning system to run more effeciently. This whole house fan while operating, is like running a light bulb. Thats right! it barely uses any electricity. What is even better than the traditional whole house fans, Quiet Cool fans are super quiet just like the name! Based on these facts and savings that homeowners are saving on their electric bill by cutting the use of the air conditioning system. California has now recognized the benefits of this amazing product, The California Energy Commission has issued a press release on Title 24 whole house ventilation. Title 24 will mandate that all new home construction in seven of sixteen climate zones to require a fan to be installed to cool homes and attics with evening air to reduce the need for air conditioning load.

Attic Fans Orange County

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These type of fans are installed on the gable vent in your attic and are designed to move hot air out of the attic. The only down fall is that this does not move any air through your home to cool off your house. The temperature in your attic will rise well above 90 to 100 degrees in the summertime. These fans are known to help extend the life of your roof structure and other components in your attic and these fans can help reduce attic moisture during cold weather. Quiet Cool Attic fans are energy efficient and barely use electricity to operate.

Whole-House Fans

A whole house fan can be used like an air conditioner during most of the year, these whole house fans will “force” or “push” hot air out of your attic and at the same time bring a nice cool breeze through your home. This is a great alternative next to air conditioning since a quiet cool whole house fan would cost less to install than an air conditioning system. This whole house fan would also be a great way to save money during the summer time since these fans are super energy efficient. A attic fan and a whole house fan would be a great combo to add to your home while reducing the load on your electrical panel and save you money during the hot summer months.

Wall switch and Remote Control

There are a couple of ways to operate a quiet cool whole house fan. One of these ways is by operating from remote control. this is nice if you don’t want to walk to a switch to operate the fan. But this can be limited by different speed options that the whole house fan comes with. Some quiet Cool fans come with different speed controls and the best way to operate these speeds is by hardwiring the combined timer and switches that come with the fan. Don’t attempt this yourself if you have no experience with electricity. Call the professionals and we will install it right the first time.