Wire Sizing

Wire Sizing

Wire size is a very important part in sizing a circuit. For circuit breakers up to 15 amps, use 14 gauge wire or larger. For a 20 amp breaker, use 12 gauge wire or larger. For up to a 30 amp breaker, use 10 gauge wire or larger. These are the most common sizes for household use.

Wire is manufactured to a specific group of sizes that are designated by numbers known as gauges. The gauge of the wires that carry the power from the transformer to your home and within your home are chosen in size to ensure that they do not overheat at their rated amperage. In fact, there should be no noticeable heat on the wires at any time.

For this reason simply increasing the size of a circuit breaker without also increasing the wire size can lead to a potentially dangerous situation that can result in fire and death.

Choosing the correct wire gauge within your home, wires that run from the electrical distribution panel to various appliances and receptacles is crucial. You do not want the wire to act as a fuse and burn should a short circuit occur. Your Electrician in Orange County will install your wiring correctly the first time.

The table provides the correct gauge of wire for electrical circuits in your home depending on the rated load.

service feeder sizing chart