Circuit Breakers

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Circuit Breaker: A device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means, and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overload of current, without injury to itself when properly applied within its rating.

The circuit breaker is designed to be the safety device in your electrical system. When an issue arises with a circuit, the breaker will cut off power to the circuit. This protects the wires and devices and also electrical panel and prevents the system from overheating and creating fires.

All types of Circuit Breakers

Install Or Replace All Types Of Circuit Breakers

Most breakers can be reset simply by “resetting the breaker” in the off and then switching back in the on position. In some cases, however, a breaker will continue to shut-off after you have already reset it. This could be a sign that appliances are simply overloading the circuit. Circuit Breakers Orange County California shut-off for a number of reasons. One main reason a circuit breaker that cuts off can be a sign of a electrical hazard. When trying to reset a tripped circuit breaker and the breaker continually cuts off there is a problem that needs to be checked by a licensed electrician.

Interrupting Capacity Rating

The amperage interrupting rating (AIR) of a circuit breaker is the maximum short circuit current at which the breaker will safely interrupt the circuit. The AIR is at the rated voltage and frequency.

NEC Section 110.9 states that equipment intended to interrupt current at fault levels (fuses and circuit breakers) must have an interrupting rating sufficient for the nominal circuit voltage and the current that is available at the line terminals of the equipment.

Equipment intended to break current at other than fault levels must have an interrupting rating at nominal circuit voltage sufficient for the current that must be interrupted.

Circuit Breakers:

  • Circuit Breakers help when the electrical current exceeds the safe level this stops electrocution and prevents fires by breaking the flow of electricity.
  • Circuit breakers are important in your home to protect life and your property from electrical overloads and short-circuits.
  • Working within an electrical panel or installing circuit breakers is dangerous and should only be done by a Licensed Electrician in Orange County Ca.

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