Panel Upgrade

New Electrical Panel Upgrade

New Electrical Panel Upgrade

From computer systems to better T.V’s to high-powered microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, today’s homes are packed with high-tech gadgets and smaller electronic devices. Every one of these innovations makes our lives more comfortable, beneficial, and amusing, however the simple truth is that a lot of older houses just weren’t constructed to power all of these electricity-hungry appliances especially the biggest appliance of all, your central air conditioning system. The breaker box that was installed when your residence was built was more than sufficient to power a few lights, electrical outlets, and basic appliances, but it does not have the capability to keep up with today’s technology and your energy needs. The good news is that the Orange County Electrician in your area can help you update your residence with an electrical service upgrade, improving your building’s electrical ability to meet today’s demands.

Ask yourself the following questions:

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  • Do your breakers shut-off every time you turn on your microwave or use the hairdryer?
  • Do lights continue to flicker from bright to dim?
  • Do your appliances struggle to operate the way that they should?

If it’s becoming significantly evident that something isn’t really quite right with your electrical service, it’s probably time for an electrical panel upgrade.

An electrical panel upgrade involves replacing your existing breaker box with a panel that offers increased capacity. Your Electrician in Orange County will also likely need to upgrade the wiring, the meter socket, and other components to ensure nothing is holding your electrical system back any longer. Keep in mind that all electric service upgrades should be handled by a licensed electrical contractor.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Replace That Out-Of-Date Electrical Panel

There are numerous houses we service in Orange County California that still have fuse boxes and electrical panels approximately 50 years old. Anything that old needs to be replaced, specifically if its job is to protect your house and household. In addition, these old style breakers shut-off too late to prevent damages or could fail to shut-off at all.

Trial runs have shown that more than half of the breakers tested malfunctioned at 135 % of their rated load. This means when the circuit breaker is supposed to be protecting a circuit at 15 amps and should shut-off current levels reached at 15 amps, it still failed to shut-off at 20 amps. The heat that can build up in a overload could ultimately deteriorate components of your wiring and lead to a fire.

The installation of a modernized electrical panel, that is installed by a licensed electrician will provide added peace of mind, realizing you and your family are taken care of 24/7. Here at Electrician Services we will get the job done safely, and up to code.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Process – Call 714-987-2368


Step #1 – Call Utility Company

This Step is done by contacting your utility company and requesting for an evaluation on the location and size of electrical panel that can be done on your home. Once this process is completed the proper permits can be acquired and the electrician can start the project.

Step #2 – Remove & Replace Electrical Panel

Not all Electrical Panels are the same for every home. Some have over-head feeds and some have under-ground feeds. Some are surfaced mounted and some are flush mounted. Every home is different and every City has their own requirements. This Step can be done once the evaluation of the location, size and permits are established.

Step #3 – Paper & Lath

After the electrical panel is installed correctly, it is time for inspection from the City. While purchasing the permits from the City they give the information on when to call for an inspection and the phone number to call. Once you have have power back up and running and the proper grounding system has been installed, this would be the next step for the inspector to evaluate.

Step #4 – Stucco & Paint

Now that the size and location has been evaluated, the correct permits have been acquired, the new electrical panel has been installed, the inspection has been completed, and the inspector has given the thumbs-up to move forward it is time for the final step. Some cities require a final inspection on repairing stucco and paint. Your home might be different and have a different exterior finish. Other steps may apply to your home and the city that you live in.