Recessed Can Lights

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Recessed Can Lights

Recessed can lights are a modern and efficient method of lighting any room or area. Here at Electrician Services we offer a wide variety of trim styles and colors to match any décor.  Although 4” and 6” recessed can lights are the most commonly installed, Our Electricians in Orange County Ca can provide whatever you need in recessed lights.

LED used in recessed can lights

LED lighting can help save energy and money

Ask your technician about air tight recessed cans and air tight trims to save money on your energy costs.

  • The average recessed can light will loose 1 million BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) per year into your attic.
  • 1 million BTUs equal 3314 kilowatt hours.
  • Air-tight can lights will save the consumer an average of $36.21 in energy costs per recessed can light per year.

Air-tight recessed can lights also reduce the amount of dust and insulation particles transferred from the attic area into the living area.

When air-tight can trim rings ensure all bulbs will be at a uniform level verses the manual adjustment required when installing regular recessed cans. Another way to save money with recessed lighting is to have your Orange County Electrician install LED retrofits in your existing recessed lights. LED’s have been proven to save you money on energy costs simply by the fact that they use less electricity. This type of lighting puts out a brighter light than your regular incandescent light bulb or the typical CFL. If this interests you don’t hesitate to contact Electrician Services Today 714-987-2368.