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Do you need electrical, air conditioning and water heater services? Electrician Services Corp stays true to our dedication in delivering top-notch results with Flat-Rate Pricing. Commercial and after business hour service calls are $159, we offer a $39 residential service call special. A licensed and insured service company based in Orange County California that specializes in everything electrical, from lighting, to electrical panel upgrades, water heaters and air conditioning. Our team is composed of certified technicians.

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A Customer called about an issue they were having in Yorba Linda ca due to some recent construction workers that were using power equipment that overloaded their circuit. Not only did it overload the circuit but burnt out the circuit breaker that was running their equipment. We found the problem very quickly and replaced the circuit breaker we also did a little investigation to find a better circuit that the construction workers would be able to operate their equipment on. Luckily no other damage was done to their existing circuit. If you experience the same problem don’t hesitate to call we offer 24/7 emergency service Electrician Services is local, family owned and operated. All our expert electricians are trained, licensed and background checked. Safety is our primary concern and customer service is our top priority. We are the Electrician Yorba Linda Ca and provide electrical service you can trust.

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One of the major electrical devices that are found within the heart of your electrical system is the electrical circuit breaker. These electrical devices were created to measure the amount of heat that is generated by the current flow within your wiring. A small coil within the circuit breaker detects the magnetic field from the current flow and when it detects too much heat, it will shut off immediately. When a circuit breaker shuts off this could mean a potential danger within your electrical system and should be checked out by a professional. Sometimes it could simply mean the circuit breaker is burning out and needs to be replaced. Within your electrical service panel there is one main circuit breaker. This circuit breaker can come in different sizes typically on a home, the sizes range from 100 to 200 amps. These breakers are labeled by the current size on the breaker itself. This main breaker will shut off all the power within your home. Beyond the main circuit breaker within your electrical panel there are branch circuit breakers. These circuit breakers control individual circuits within your home. These breakers are also labeled by the current size and could be found on the breaker itself, these breaker sizes range from 15 to even 90 amps depending on their designated function. Now NEC and local city codes have been developed to install specialty circuit breakers. These specialty circuit breakers have different functions they can act like a regular circuit breaker and go far and beyond that basic function. There are two type of specialty circuit breakers on the market right now, they are Arc Fault and CFCI breakers. Arc fault breakers can detect arcing happening within your electrical system. GFCI breakers can detect a ground fault or imbalance load within the circuit. In any case these breakers are safety devices and help save people from injury or even death.

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